Kingsbury Industrial Park

Fiber Internet

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Surf Broadband Solutions ("SBS") is bringing carrier-grade fiber optic connectivity to Kingsbury Industrial Park ("KIP") as part of its continued fiber expansion throughout LaPorte County. The Kingsbury expansion adds to a list of SBS fiber projects already underway.  

Our existing fixed wireless business customers can keep their microwave connections as back-up to their primary fiber connection.  


Not only have we expanded fiber routes within La, but we have also:


  •  installed a huge backbone pipe to a Tier 1 internet carrier, which can inject up to 100Gbps of capacity into the Kingsbury fiber network

  • interconnected the LaPorte/Kingsbury fiber network to multiple regional carrier networks, including our own

  • created a larger footprint for businesses to create private wide area networks betweeen facilities throughout northern Indiana without putting their traffic on the public internet

  • introduced specialized and highly responsive business solutions support with our Enterprise Support Concierge service

Contact one of our solutions specialists to learn more about leveraging this powerful new network in KIP:

For business connectivity solutions contact:

Denise Short, Enterprise Account Executive


For partner reseller inquiries contact:

John Blount, Channel Partner Manager