Fiber Construction

The fiber construction process

Surf Broadband builds almost all of its fiber infrstructure in secure underground ducts.  The construction process involves a number of steps. 

Engineering & permitting

Surf's engineering team uses specialized planning software to develop construction plans.  In addition, engineers physically survey all proposed fiber pathways.    Once preliminary plans have been developed the team will meet with local building and permitting bodies to obtain agreements for access to rights-of-way and easements.     

Underground survey

Once permits are in hand, and prior to any installation work, Surf coordiantes with local utilities for "locates" to identify all existing underground services.   At this stage, you might see organge, blue, red or yellow paint/flags on turf, sidewalks and streets.   These markers dictate Surf's placement of fiber.  

Where we work

Except for pre-arranged situations such as when a property owner has pre-ordered fiber placement on their property, Surf Broadband's installation only in public rights-of-way and not on private proprty.  

How fiber is installed

We use a horizontal boring machine 


Staffed by a team of seasoned professionals with decades of field experience deploying fiber and wireless technologies, SBS is a nationally recognized leader in managed communications services.

Surf Broadband is also committed to the communities it serves through a number of professional and volunteer intitiatives.  

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